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Getting The Right Fit

Skate manufacturing has come a long way since the days of leather and steel.  Today's skates glide across the cutting edge of modern technology.

At the same time each new skate tends to fit differently, so there are a number of things to be aware of when choosing the right skate that best fits your foot.

1.  Wear a thin pair of socks.  It is not suggested to wear skates bare foot because it causes bacteria and corrosion of the materials.

2.  Put your foot in the skate and kick back in order to lock the heel in place.

3.  Lace the skate firmly with the most pressure at the top four eyelets.

4.  Lace up both skates as you would if you were playing.

5.  Skate laces should never be wrapped around the ankles because they will loosen.

6.  Walk around in the skates to feel if there is any painful pressure point or heel slippage.

7.  For the best fit make sure your toes touch the tip of the skate and there is a consistent pressure around the foot.

8.  Pay attention to width.  If the skate is too narrow, your foot will cramp up.

9.  Parents: Don't buy skates that are a size too big, expecting your child can grow into them.  That will only hinder your child's developement.