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1.  Can I pay by credit card?

  1. a     NCHL only takes checks at this time. Please follow the instructions in the application form for how to complete the checks for payment.

2.       Is there a phone number I can call for questions?

a.       Unfortunately, we do not have a dedicated person answering phones for Hockey questions. Best way to have your questions answered is to email me directly at .  I'm usually pretty good about responding quickly.

3.       I have two players in the program in two different age groups, can my younger child play in the division with my older child?

a.       We do not generally allow players to play outside of their age divisions. Only in very rare instances, where a player is so dominant (think 10+ points per game) do we make a hockey decision to move a player. We follow USA Hockey guidance and have players play within their own age groups and over the years have determined it is the best approach for players to learn and have the best experience. We know that other leagues will mix ages - we do not. Players will play in their appropriate age divisions.

4.       When does the season start and end?

a.       As in previous seasons, season starts in October for the Mites and 10U and older age groups. It will end with our playoffs the first weekend of March for 10U+ ages (mites do not have playoffs).

5.       Is there a player assessment? If so, when?

a.       Yes. We generally have two weekends of 'evaluations' where we put players through clinics and coaches assess their skill level. This leads to a draft where players are selected for teams. The intention is to make teams as even as possible. It's important that all registered players show up for the evaluations to allow coaches to select more even teams.

6.       Are there certified coaches or mainly parent coaches? Do the same coaches run the practice sessions as well as games?

a.       All our coaches are USA Hockey certified and background checked. A long list of requirements was included with the player application form this year with links to what all our coaches are required to do to be placed with a team. If you have filled out a volunteer form, we are working on a coaches meeting once registration is final and will be in touch with you in the next week or so.

b.       Yes - most of our coaches are parents and have children on their team.

c.       Yes - the coach will manage the team for the entire season, and they will have discretion to run their practices and games as they see fit based on USA Hockey instruction.

7.       What equipment do players need?

a.       Please note that Nassau County Hockey does not provide equipment for players.

b.       A good guide for hockey equipment can be found on the Pure Hockey website - https://www.purehockey.com/c/youth-hockey-gear-guide-a-checklist-for-parents

c.       USA Hockey also has a lot of information about gear and what to expect in playing hockey. You can start here: https://www.usahockey.com/comeplayyouthhockey

d.       If you have any more questions, please don't hesitate to email me at pzsamboky@nassaucountyny.gov

8.       What is the instructional Mites (6U/8U) program like?

a.       The Mites program is a bit different from our 10U+ league. Mites play strictly on weekends. We will have a clinic held on Sunday mornings at Cantiague at 10:30AM which has station-based skills and drills with small area games at the end. Mites will also have a game day on Saturday morning at Christopher Morley Park in Roslyn (outdoors).